The office will be closed on July 4th for the holiday and we will return the following day with our normal business hours. Please keep in mind with the holiday fast approaching, give us a call NOW to get your pets anxiety medication if they are not fond of fireworks. We want to keep your pets happy and safe! Wishing you all a happy 4th of July!


Care in the comfort of your own home.

Oswego Vet offers house calls where our medical team comes to you.  We usually send a doctor and assistant team, but also offer technician house calls for minor procedures such as nail trims, blood draws, and blood pressure checks.

While we have many patients who are enthusiastic about visiting us and even drag their humans in the front door, we appreciate that there are situations in which a house call may be preferred.   Home visits are of great benefit in the following situations:

  • Clients with busy schedules who want the convenience of us coming to them
  • Elderly pets with mobility issues who are difficult to transport
  • Clients with mobility issues
  • Cats who are difficult to transport or overly stressed by leaving the home
  • Multiple pet households. A home visit can replace multiple trips to the clinic or chaotic trips with multiple pets
  • Clients with pets in hospice care who want to keep their last months as stress-free as possible

Clients who are considering euthanasia and would like to spend their last moments with their pet in the peacefulness and comfort of their own home or yard.

During the toughest of times, we also offer home euthanasia.

Euthanasia of a beloved pet is always a difficult and emotional time for all involved.  We strive to make these last moments with your pet as painless and stress-free as possible, and encourage you to do whatever you think will make this experience easiest for you and your pet.  Playing music, offering delicious last meals, having family members over or waiting until everyone else leaves are all something to consider.  We will work around whatever location you or your pet choose and often find that a favorite spot in the yard or the house is ideal.  Some people do not want a reminder of their pet’s passing at home and so choose to come to the clinic – it is different for everyone.

Wherever we perform the euthanasia, we will very quickly give your pet an injection of a very strong pain-reliever and sedative which will put them into a deep state of relaxation and sedation within 5-10 minutes.  Once heavily sedated and everyone is ready, we give a painless intravenous injection of euthanasia solution which will cause your pet to quietly and peacefully pass away within minutes. We then allow you as much time as you need to say your final goodbyes.  If requested, we can take your pet with us and arrange for cremation.  We offer either private cremation, in which you receive your pet’s ashes back from us or communal cremation where your pet is cremated with other pets and no ashes are returned.

In situations where we do not have a team available when an end-of-life home visit is needed, we work closely with another group of local veterinarians called Compassionate Care, headed by Dr. Lori Gibson. Dr. Gibson and her team offer 24/7 euthanasia house calls as well as their own cremation service.  We have referred clients to them for years and trust them to care for our patients as compassionately as we would care for them ourselves. Click here to learn more about Dr. Gibson and her team.

We love new clients!

Call to schedule an appointment or fill out our New Client Form. A member of our team will be in touch to help you schedule your first appointment after we receive your information. We look forward to meeting you and your pets soon!


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Oswego Veterinary Hospital is made up of three examination rooms, an operating room, x-ray room, laboratory/pharmacy, reception area, boarding suites, a grooming spa and beautiful gardens.