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One of our Veterinary Technicians Melissa
With OVH since 2015
Malissa has lots of furry company at home including Miss Julep her loyal and loving German Shepherd, Jobu the crazy prey driven Bloodhound, and Skooter her sweet soul kitty ♥
As the photo implies, she enjoys the outdoors, including; snowboarding, biking, rollerskating, exploring the Pacific Northwest and training her pups new tricks.
Malissa has been working with animals for over 3 years, mainly in doggy daycare and boarding and has enjoyed learning the intricacies of animal behavior and body language. Malissa says that training for her current veterinary assistant position has helped her to realize her passion and she has loved every minute of this exciting new chapter of her life in veterinary medicine. Malissa loves being part of a team that is positive and patient focused, where she can treat every animal with compassion and where she can take the time to get to know a pet before working with them.