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With OVH since 2005

Courtney was raised with animals and remembers them as always being an integral part of the family. Courtney currently has two mischievous kitties named “Hy -Purr” and “Spaz.”

Courtney came to us with a heart filled with compassion and an appreciation for the human-animal bond that we all share. She states, “It has truly been a great experience being able to work with the animals and build relationships with their human companions, our clients.”

Courtney’s main professional goal is to continue to expand her knowledge base in the field and continue to offer the excellent patient care she is known for.

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys family time with her husband Dan. She can also be found painting and drawing or relaxing with friends and family. In January of 2014 Courtney and her husband welcomed their first two legged child into the world, and her name is Hayden.