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Allison CVT

Allison one of our Veterinary Technicians
 With OVH since 2016
Allison grew up in rural Beavercreek Oregon where she received an early start on enjoying mother nature, all animals, and adventure.
She currently has a host of four-legged loves in her life, including; two horses, Smurf her gelding and his equine girlfriend Molly, in addition to the hooved family members Allie has 3 dogs and 2 cats. The dogs are; Abby and Marjorie the sweet senior sisters who are both entering their teen years, and mischievous Cali the Corgi, the youngster of the canine bunch. Last but never least are Snickers and Nora, the beautiful feline purr buckets of the household.
When Allie isn’t working hard and cracking jokes at OVH she loves spending time outdoors, taking the dogs on adventures and riding horses.
Thanks to Allie’s military husband Kyle she has enjoyed traveling and hopes to never stop.
Her favorite part of veterinary medicine? “There is always room to grow, the learning is endless, and being able to take care of animals is wonderful”.