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Feline Friendly

Some cats can be very resistant to travel, and we have many tips and tricks to help!

We want to make caring for your pets as stress-free and convenient as possible. How we can help:

We offer house calls so you can eliminate the stress of transporting your furry friends altogether.

If a house call visit includes an exam on one of your feline family members you will save $10 on the travel fee!

You can also save $10 per pet by bringing in more than one pet at a time – a multi-pet discount (does not include first pet)!

Speaking of cats, did you know?

Cats are adept at hiding illness and pain, and the appearance of normalcy does not mean they are healthy.

There are many diseases and conditions that may be treatable or preventable with annual health care visits and early detection blood work.

Indoor cats can and do get many of the same diseases as their outdoor cousins, including fleas.

Some conditions such as straining in the litter box can be life threatening within hours.

Weight loss in an older cat is not normal and is often a symptom of disease.

Cats do get arthritis and may be suffering from it if they show decreased activity.

How to help your cat make it to the veterinarian without kitty drama…

Stop by or ask us to mail you our travel tips and tricks brochure that includes free samples of catnip and feline pheromone to make your visit to us as smooth as possible.

Leave carrier open and out in house for several days prior to using.

Top load carriers are ideal.

Place calming pheromone or catnip on bedding in carrier.

Use an article of clothing from your kitty’s favorite person in carrier.

Cover the carrier during transport and until you reach the exam room.

Play soothing music or no music at all in car while transporting.

Do not feed kitty for several hours prior to transport to avoid motion sickness.

Do not transport more than one pet in a carrier at a time – this can spell feline disaster!

Schedule a house call and avoid the stress completely!

Call our office for more details and kitty wisdom to take the frazzle out of feline travel.

For some great information on all things cat, with emphasis on indoor cats, visit the INDOOR PET INITIATIVE.