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Veterinary Care for Birds

Birds make fantastic companions. There is a size and personality to fit almost any home environment. Some birds are covered with beautiful colors, and others will serenade us with song (or scream), or amuse us with their antics for hours. Other birds might provide breakfast, such as our chicken, duck and goose patients. No matter your choice, they are likely to provide hours of joy for those who choose these wonderful pets.

Birds can have very unique needs. We consider our role to include providing guidance about proper nutrition, training, hygiene, and grooming and how to facilitate social interactions with other pets and family members. Birds can develop many of the same medical conditions as dogs and cats as well as a variety of illnesses unique to birds. Since birds are well known for being able to hide signs of illness, it adds to the challenge of seeking treatment promptly and diagnosing their medical problems.

We encourage regular wellness visits as an important way to help ensure the overall health and longevity of pet birds. Wellness visits offer you an opportunity to ask us any questions about your bird and give us a chance to examine your bird for signs of health issues.

Pet birds bring a special type of joy to a home, and we consider it our duty to provide quality medical care to them. The services that our avian veterinarian will provide are designed to address the full range your bird’s needs.

Explore our avian pages or call our office with questions about your bird care. Our team is dedicated to helping birds live longer, healthier lives.