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We’ll keep your dog clean, healthy and safe

You and your dog don’t need to feel stressed about visiting the vet or going to the groomer. By providing all dog care services in one location your dog will become a part of our Oswego Vet family! Ensuring you, your dog, and our staff are well acquainted with each other to make these visits as painless as possible.

Canine Influenza Informtaion Page

This page will offer helpful information about the potential threat of canine influenza.

Grooming for dogs

Keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny with our grooming services.

Boarding for dogs

Your dog will always have a loving place to be watched over while you’re out of town.

Veterinary services for dogs

Oswego Vet provides a wide variety of veterinary services to take excellent care of your dog at every stage of their life.

Preventive care for dogs

From puppyhood to the senior years, we can guide you in protecting your companion from preventable diseases and offer the diagnostics to detect the unpreventable but treatable diseases early. We work with you as a team to give your dog the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Ongoing care for dogs at every stage of life

We individualize our dog care and recommendations to every pet based on their age and situation. End of life care is just as important to us as those very first puppy visits, as we are committed to you and your pet for life. Geriatric and hospice care is a team effort in our eyes, as we work closely with you to help keep our old friends doing what they love as long as possible, as comfortable as possible.

Surgery for dogs

Spaying or neutering can improve the life and health of your pet. We also perform a broad range of soft tissue surgery to treat a variety of issues from head to toe. We use the safest anesthetic protocols available and every pet has his/her own dedicated anesthetist through the procedure. We also utilize heated surgery tables, warming blankets, and a full array of anesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure your pet’s procedure is as smooth and safe as possible.

Alternative therapies for dogs

Laser treatment and Acupuncture are great treatments to help reduce pain and symptoms of chronic conditions in your dog.


The only reliable way to make sure your dog can be identified and returned to you if they stray from home and are found by someone else is with a microchip.