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Everything you need to keep your cat healthy and happy

Going to the vet, groomer, or boarding facility can be stressful for your cat (and yourself). We make these necessary trips as easy as possible by providing all the cat care services you need in one place. Ensuring a familiar, friendly and professional environment your cat will come to love.

Grooming for cats

Don’t fight with your cat to get them clean. Bring them to us and we’ll take care of everything!

Boarding for cats

Need to go away and can’t find someone to cat sit? We’d love to keep them company!

Veterinary services for cats

Oswego Vet provides a broad range of veterinary services to take the best possible care of your cat at every stage of their life.

Preventive care for cats

It’s easier to try and make sure your cat doesn’t get sick than make them better after the fact.
Cats are experts at hiding disease and discomfort, by the time your cat is actually demonstrating pain, discomfort or changes in behavior, the problem has likely been going on for months to years.

Come in for yearly wellness exams (and semi-annual visits for cats over 10) so your cat vet can catch diseases early and address problems before it is too late.

Ongoing care for cats and kittens at all stages

Regular check-ups and a proper diet is the best way to keep your cat healthy, fit, and living a long happy life.
At every exam, we will review diet and care recommendations based on your cat or kitten’s individual lifestyle. We will also counsel you on behavioral changes or challenges that may arise at any point in your cat’s life.

Surgery for cats

Spaying or neutering can improve the life and health of your pet. We also perform a broad range of soft tissue surgery to treat a variety of issues from head to toe.

We use the safest anesthetic protocols available and every pet has his/her own dedicated anesthetist through the procedure. We also utilize heated surgery tables, warming blankets, and a full array of anesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure your pet’s procedure is as smooth and safe as possible.

Alternative therapies for cats

Acupuncture and Laser Therapy are great alternatives to help relieve pain and symptoms of chronic conditions in your pet.

Microchipping for cats

The only foolproof way to make sure your cat can be identified if they stray from home and are found is with a microchip.