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Sep 01 2016

Environmentally Aware

Oswego Veterinary Hospital is GREEN

Oswego Veterinary Hospital has gotten a bright new look with the retrofitting of low-energy fluorescent lighting. Every light fixture and bulb has been replaced inside and outside our building. This will save an estimated 32,312 kWh of electricity annually – about 50% of our annual electrical use! The new lights are also brighter, quieter, and safer than the old fixtures that they replaced.

In addition to the lighting project we also joined with Clackamas County to determine if we could recycle single use syringe cases and were delighted to hear we could keep such a large volume of plastic out of our landfills. We also recycle all appropriate glass, plastic and paper.

OVH also purchases recycled materials whenever possible, including copy paper, hand towels, toner cartridges and the use of bio- friendly eating utensils and doggy waste bags.

Oswego Veterinary Hospital is proud to have received the BRAG award from Clackamas County in June of 2008. The BRAG program is sponsored by Clackamas County Recycling and shows that we recycle regularly, reduce waste and are dedicated to buying recycled products whenever possible.

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