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With OVH since 2017

Tiffany is a Midwest girl who born in Woodruff, WI and spent her pre-teen years in Texas before the family returned to WI. As a young adult she migrated to the big city of Chicago and eventually landed in the Pacific Northwest (and we’re glad she did!).

Growing up Tiffany loved rats and even had a few hairless rats in addition to cats and dogs. She currently has a chug (Chihuahua/pug mix) and a Miniature Australian shepherd, who is her therapy animal, destined one day to be her service animal.

Her hobbies are working on her recently purchased home and property, floating down the river with family, reading and learning anything to do with veterinary medicine, and crafting.

The thing that she loves the most about veterinary medicine is helping someone’s best friend (to Tiffany, and many of us, our pets are more like our children). Tiffany possesses great empathy, and pet owners benefit from her compassion and ability to comfort them when they feel like everything is spinning out of control because they are terrified to lose their fur baby/best friend. She also thrives on sharing her experience to help pet owners understand some of the challenges of health care and decision making during stressful times. Then there are those times when we see a pet through a critical condition and she can witness the joy of the reunion when the pet finally gets to go home. Those times are priceless and just one of the reasons Tiffany doesn’t consider this a job, but a true passion.